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Trees tell earthly stories

Impressions numériques, 2017

The series was inspired by typical sat views of planet Earth such as the ones uploaded online by the NASA  and accessible through Google image. Observed through technological eyes from the cosmic nowhere, the earth we inhabit starts looking like a distant world. Hyper-surveillance meets Sci-Fi: the earth becomes a globe from which we can escape. 

Since "there is no outside", I thought we would take a look inside; Trees tell earthly stories.  

« L’image du globe qui a accompagné toute l’histoire de la cosmologie moderne occidentale traduit bien le « monde des gens sans monde » que sont les Modernes : un monde tenu à distance, littéralement dans notre main (…) un monde déshabité. »

Emilie Hache, De l’Univers Clos au Monde Fini, 2014, Editions Dehors, p.18

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