The Crypt

Performance/Installation, 24 hours.

Crypts are underground vaults used as burial places. Coffins, sarcophagi, and relics are preserved in crypts.

Crypts are reliquaries. While whole bodies are laid to rest in cemeteries, chunks of hair, bones, teeth, nails, and skin fragments are housed in crypts.

Crypts are like museums, but set to conceal rather than reveal. In crypts, things become secrets by oblivion. Our basements, attics, and closets are all crypts.

Crypts are zones of invisibility from which masses of forgotten objects furtively stare at us.

Crypts are detours from a certain way of looking. Before descending into the crypt you have to look away from it, and stop assuming that what you see is truly and unequivocally there.


(Giovanna Borradori)

The Crypt was an installation project buried beneath the control center of Vassar College's security apparatus in April 2016. (Poughkeepsie, NY)